LPG Industries, Inc.

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Who Are We?

LPG Industries, Inc. (LPGI) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) of Technology and Supervisory Instrumentation.  LPGI provided services include: Design of temperature and pressure sensors, Manufacture of temperature and pressure sensors, Installation of sensors, Testing and Data Acquisition of instrumented components.

In 1968 two brothers, Louis and Sam Petrov severed all business ties of their company Sonic Manufacturing Corporation (SMC).  Louis then founded his own business, Louis Petrov Company.  Louis continued to design and manufacture instrumentation sensors, providing the same services and personal attention to the customer base he had cultivated while at SMC.  In 1972 Louis Petrov incorporated his growing company and changed the name to Louis Petrov Ltd.  In 1978 working under Louis Petrov, I (Ken Gabriel) began my career in manufacturing.

Over the next four years I learned time proven manufacturing techniques and design theories from my mentor Louis Petrov. In 1982 Louis Petrov’s health turned for the worse.  Accepting his ill fate, and not wanting to sell his company to a competitor, Louis Petrov spent the remaining two years of his life training me how he operated his company.  Unfortunately his health faded faster than he had anticipated and his once strong company was reduced to two.

I purchased Louis Petrov Ltd. On January 30, 1984 and changed the name to LP Company.  On March 1, 1993 I changed the name to LPG Industries.  Over the next couple of years we grew considerably.  This company incorporated on July 19,1996 and the name was changed to its present name of LPG Industries, Inc.

As a result of sound designs, proven manufacturing techniques and a well-trained management team, LPGI has evolved into one of the manufacturing leaders of Instrumentation sensors for Power Generation Turbines.

I am dedicated to the future growth and success of LPG Industries, Inc.

Kenneth R. Gabriel

President & CEO